Basics About Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch Canada

When it comes to gaming policies every country has their specific set of regulations. Canada is no different and each province will usually have its own gaming policy and enforcement branch.


The branch of government responsible for gaming in Ontario is the Ontario Alcohol and Gaming Commission. This organization has the responsibility for the gaming policy and enforcement branch for Ontario. It includes the OLG lotteries that are run in Ontario as well as the Casinos, Internet gaming and Charitable gaming. The charitable gaming includes bingo halls, break open tickets, fairs and exhibition and any of the charitable and religious organizations that want to run some type of gaming activity. This organization also attends to the alcohol policies and enforcements.

British Columbia

The British Columbia Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch looks after setting the rules and enforcing them for this province. The program they have in place is similar to the other provinces. It is the British Columbia Lottery Corporation that regulates the gaming activities here. Their jurisdiction includes gaming grants, event licensing and fundraising, horse racing, responsible gaming, as well and enforcing the regulations under each of these and conducting investigations where necessary.

Nova Scotia

Gaming activities in Nova Scotia are controlled by the Nova Scotia Gaming Control Commission. Included in their responsibilities is also the regulations of alcohol. Their main responsibilities when it comes to gaming is to set the gaming regulations for this province then to provide the licencing that is necessary to be able to operate gaming activities. They also have the responsibility for tracking these types of activities and producing data and reports on the subject.

These are just three examples of the gaming policy and enforcement branch for three of the provinces throughout Canada. The Federal government does not play a role in this and that is why there can be variations in the policies and enforcement rules throughout the country.

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