CNN Politics and Fake News

Donald Trump certainly has a way of doing things. Things have escalated since the reporting of a CNN politics story which put Mr Trump in a bad light.

Supposedly, the CNN politics team got hold of a document which alleged that Mr Trump stayed at a hotel that his predecessor Barrack Obama and his wife stayed at, and ended up hiring strippers and urinating on the bed.

The story was first broken by Buzzfeed, and was picked up by CNN, which also released the story without seemingly trying to verify it. The President’s Office remained silent about the matter, but a few days later, when it became abundantly clear that the story was fabricated, Mr Trump picked his moment well.

He waited untill he had a press briefing, and took questions from the floor. When a CNN politics journalist asked him a question, he pointed at him and said: “No, you are fake news.” The fake news buzzword has caught on, and while many might not like Mr Trump or his way of doing things, many did agree that CNN should have at least checked their sources properly and tried to get a clarification on the matter at hand, or at least seek a comment from the President’s Office before airing the story.

Since then, CNN politics reporters have had a lot of shade thrown at them by Mr Trump who consistently refuses to even acknowledge them, let alone take their questions and answer them.

Mr Trump also takes to Twitter in particular, to berate CNN politics journalists whenever he has the opportunity to do so. You would think that the President of the United States has more important things to worry about, but apparently not. He still wakes up at 4am, watches the news and Tweets about it before heading out to the Oval Office.

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