The Low Down on Hot Games

A hot game is essentially a game or bet in the sporting field that attracts a significant amount of investment on one side of the line, particularly from seasoned or professional gamblers. Although it is a rare phenomenon, this can happen in numerous ways and, in exceptional cases, can result in huge losses for the bookmakers.

High Profile Matches

Hot games can also simply refer to popular fixtures that draw a lot of attention, for example, world cup finals or other famous sporting events. Bookies invest masses of time, effort and, of course, money ensuring they set their lines to guarantee equal numbers of bets on both teams or players, and are notoriously efficient at predicting their punters’ behaviour. This makes it especially difficult to make a profit on such hot games, as the sportsbook will set their lines as favourably for the house as possible, particularly for high profile matches. If the odds are dropped so low as a result of a clear favourite being heavily backed, the wager no longer retains value for the player and is best avoided.

Misjudged Lines

Aside from popular competitions, hot games can also denote a betting line that has been set incorrectly. Uncommon, yet not unheard of, this can occur due to the following circumstances:

  • The status of an important player or favoured team suddenly changes, for example, through injury.
  • A player or club member is involved in match fixing.
  • The line is simply judged to be mispriced.

The latter transpires if the bookmaker has set the odds either too high or too low, making the wager very desirable for the customer. Certain hot games will attract an unusually high amount of bets, as eagle eyed punters will pounce on bookies who are deemed to have disadvantaged themselves with poor judgement on the betting line.

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