The Role of Political Leaders

The political leaders have a major role in shaping the social, economic, technological, and political environment. Many countries owe their development or stagnated growths to political leaders.

Revolutionists believe in changing status quo and instigating a new system of governance. Perhaps it is important to mention why goodwill of the political leaders is necessary when championing for social and economic changes. First, they influence the opinion of the society towards certain precepts. It is easy for a country to attain a given social or political development when they champion the initiative.

Second, they play a major role in the creation of policies that drive growth and development of a country. The political listen to the views of the society and articulate them in Parliament in a bid to create laws. At the same time, they present the agitation of the society to policy makers and champion for initiatives that would befit the society. Third, political leaders run the country.

The political leaders fall into two main categories which are the government and opposition. The politicians in the government are responsible for running and supporting the government initiatives. The opposition politicians, on the other hand, keep the government under constant check. This move is important in promoting democracy.

The political leaders hold the key to justice and peace in a country. As the top leadership of the country, they must know when to drop hardlines that threaten the peace and justice process of the country. Sensitive leaders should learn to listen to the plight of the people and foster an environment that addresses the concerns of the society. Politicians are also mentioned on the wrong side of history for their participation in permeating atrocities against humanity. The dictators often find themselves in this group because of their involving in gagging the freedom of the people. It is good to be on the celebrated side of the political divide.

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